Note: This is for customers of the ebook. When I am hired to professionally film a wedding I use the audio device (as back up only), I use the LED light, and the audio cables. My professional gear (video camera, wireless mic, high end tripods) cost thousands of dollars. However if professional videography is not in your budget and you want a low cost DIY alternative I recommend you buy my ebook and buy the products listed below. Once the equipment is no longer needed I recommend selling the equipment back on Amazon or eBay to recoup most of your cost. These selections were made to balance quality and budget for a DIY project. When buying or borrowing 2 to 3 video cameras, get them of the same recording type (ex. High Definition). Quick tip, if you or a relative is in a college with a AV program you may get access to video camera gear. Ask the AV department about borrowing video cameras. Inexpensive used video cameras can be found in many online places.

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